About Us

Farmers Marts (R G Jones) Ltd are proud to be a co-operative society who have provided essential services to its members in the rural community since its establishment in 1953.

The co-operative society was formed by a group of forward-thinking farmers who invited shareholdings to purchase a number of livestock markets across North Wales.

We are a proactive and adaptable team who are continuously adapting to change and delivering new services such as our new online auctions which have proved to be extremely successful.

We offer a range of professional services, including the following:

•             Valuations for all Purposes - Tax, Probate, Transfer, Insurance etc

•             Claims for Pipelines, Cables and Compulsory Purchase

•             Sale of Land and Dwellings

•             Letting of Land and Dwellings

•             Furniture Sales with Full House Clearance Service

•             Advice on Basic Payment Scheme