Cymdeithas Cydweithredol yw Farmers Marts (R G Jones) Ltd yn darparu gwasanaeth arbenigol mewn arwerthiannau, prisio, gwerthu eiddo ac unrhyw gyngor yn gysylltiedig ag eiddo.

Croeso i'n gwefan.  Bydd yn cael ei diweddaru yn gyson, felly cadwch eich llygaid arni.  Byddwn yn ddiolchgar o unrhyw adborth.

We are a co-operative society providing specialist auctioneering, Valuation, Estate Agency and property related advice services.

Welcome to our website, we update our site on a regular basis with upcoming sales fixtures, as well as the latest prices, market reports and much more.

Latest Auction Reports

Latest Sale Reports

03 July 2024

Report of 3.7.24 Timed Internet Auction of Working Sheepdogs

21 June 2024

DOLGELLAU Dydd Gwener/Friday - 21.6.24 - Adroddiad y Farchnad - Market Report

31 May 2024

DOLGELLAU Dydd Gwener/Friday - 31.5.24 - Adroddiad y Farchnad - Market Report

17 May 2024

DOLGELLAU dydd Gwener/Friday - Adroddiad y Farchnad - 17.5.24 - Market Report

About Us

Farmers Marts (R G Jones) Ltd are proud to be a co-operative society who have provided essential services to its members in the rural community since its establishment in 1953.

The co-operative society was formed by a group of forward-thinking farmers who invited shareholdings to purchase a number of livestock markets across North Wales.

We are a proactive and adaptable team who are continuously adapting to change and delivering new services such as our new online auctions which have proved to be extremely successful.

We offer a range of professional services, including the following:

Valuations for all Purposes - Tax, Probate, Transfer, Insurance etc
Claims for Pipelines, Cables and Compulsory Purchase
Sale of Land and Dwellings
Letting of Land and Dwellings
Furniture Sales with Full House Clearance Service
Advice on Basic Payment Scheme

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